About Us

The CV Writers Worldwide was formed out of necessity. As recruiters we have received thousands of resumes from job seekers looking for great jobs. What we found was that over 90% of the resumes sent to us were… well, pretty bad.

The Road Your Resume Travels…

There were days when we would receive over a hundred resumes from one job posting. There simply is not enough time in a day to review that many resumes. We spent only a few seconds on each resume screening for relevance, which eliminated 80% of the resumes.

Then we would go back and spend around 20 seconds per resume to proof through the content, half of those resumes were typically rejected. The final 10% were then reviewed thoroughly and the qualified candidates were called for an initial screening/interview. This is a typical situation that recruiters and hiring managers face every day.

The Record So Far: 20 Typos On One CV

We’ve seen thousands of typos, grammar errors, canned objectives, no dates, way too much personal information, incomplete action statements, and on and on…
Many of the resumes were written by job seekers, some were written by friends that were “really good” at writing CV, and others were written by professional CV services, yikes!

Great Candidate, Lousy Resume

We have seen some qualified candidates with tons of work experience rejected by companies because of their poor resumes. We decided to study resume standards from the employers’ perspective. We met with managers from different industries to learn their expectations, amazingly enough we found similar responses from all of the companies that we researched. Through trial and error we were able to develop a resume format based on their standards. The new format has proven to be very effective. As recruiters we were able to put more people to work faster and more efficiently than before.

So Why Did We Start Another Resume Service ?

Too many job seekers are limiting their career potential with ineffective CV. As recruiters we have helped thousands of people with their CV and with their job search. Now, as dedicated CV writers, we want to help you make the job searching process as fast and efficient as possible.

CV Writing Services

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